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So this is a thing. I’ve always been interested in photography and lately that’s meant buying a Nikon D5300 off of Woot, taking some pictures while I’ve traveled for work and otherwise and then never done anything with the photos aside from move them from my 64GB SD card to my Macbook Air’s measly 125GB solid state drive. Well, that changes now.

With Dummy With a Camera my mission is simple: take exactly one photo every day and post it here. By limiting myself to pulling the shutter just once, my hope is that I’ll remove one of the biggest roadblocks I’ve had to actually using my camera: the time sink of sifting through hundreds of a day’s shots and then editing them into something that looks halfway decent.

Instead, keeping a strict rule in place will hopefully force me to think about things like composition, lighting and just make me actually think about what it is I’m shooting before I shoot it. Kind of like one might have before the advent of digital photography.

And keeping with the laser-sharp focus on time management, anything you see here will go through edits in Photoshop (I shoot in RAW, after all), but those tweaks are limited to 30 minutes total.

Along the way, you’ll see other photo dumps from the 1,500+ pictures I’ve taken since grabbing an altogether too large memory card and I’ll denote those as such. Not sure what they’ll be called yet, but since this is my own thing and I don’t have an editor on my ass about what it is I’m doing, I can come up with that later.

My current gear setup is such:

Nikon D5300

18mm-55mm Nikon kit lens

Nikon 35mm f/1.8G Auto Focus-S DX lens

Polaroid UV filter

Hoya circular polarizer

My plan is to double down on photography seeing as I have my other hobbies squared away, so expect a few new lenses to pop up there before year’s end.


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