So we’re a week in and I’m realizing that actually having a chance to get out with my camera and take a photo can be a pain in the ass given how busy I am. So, on those off days, I’m going to pull something from the SD cards I have laying around and publish that, following the editing guidelines I set. What you see here is one of the monoliths in Chicago’s Millenium Park. I was there for work earlier this year to tour the Mortal Kombat studio, get early hands-on time with the game and interview its developers. I spent some time just wandering around with my camera on my last day in the city. There is a pair of these facing each other, and the front side of them have a really terrifying, CGI face that resides deep in the Uncanny Valley and genuinely frightened the hell out of me in broad daylight. This one wasn’t on that day (there was a cleaning crew inside scraping sediment deposit off the glass bricks), which helped make the photo what it is.

The only edits I made here were adjusting some of the highlights, clarity and saturation in Photoshop’s RAW editor.



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  1. Great shot, Tim. Love the lighting on the building. Have you looked into using Lightroom at all? It’s amazing for cataloging your photos and doing global edits without ever touching Photoshop. Hit me up on Facebook if you want any pointers. I used it almost exclusively for about three months before really diving into Photoshop for detailed retouch work.


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