Earlier this year I spent some time exploring Detroit’s abandoned Packard Plant with a buddy. We got to the city a little early ahead of seeing Dave Chappelle play his last show of a three-night run at The FIllmore and rather than hitting the American Apparel store in Royal Oak like I usually do (their shirts feel awesome and fit me really well) we took a firsthand look at part of what made Detroit, well, Detroit, both in the past and the present. Of course, out of context this makes it seem like the city is falling apart and feeds into the destruction porn that so much of the media obsessed over for so long.

Well, the Packard Plant isn’t downtown and the section of the city it’s in is a bit on the depressed side. The city is working incredibly hard to come back (and it truly is on that route), but I can see why so much attention was paid to stuff like this. The things I saw here were absolutely breathtaking for a number of reasons, often simultaneously. There will be more to come from this trip (I took some 600 photos in the span of a few hours), but here’s a good first taste.

Unlike yesterday’s post, this is in black and white because that’s how I took the photo at the time — it wasn’t me trying to cover up for shitty composition, flash or exposure settings. I actively framed this to look good in monochrome and I’m absurdly proud of how it came out. This shot is 100 percent unedited aside from resizing.



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  1. Look forward to seeing more. Been there plenty of times


  2. Great Eye Tim! Very Cool!!! Love the angle you shot this, moving around/upper view or belly shooting does make a difference. It also, makes you think about your subject and trains your mind/eye.


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