Being someone who often falls asleep watching movies on my couch late at night, I often wake up with a start to seeing and hearing pretty peculiar stuff around my apartment. This morning at around 6am I peered out my French doors and spotted this. It was absurdly foggy out and one of the lights in the courtyard was totally engulfed in it giving off a really awesome glow effect.

So, I strapped my Prime lens onto my camera, set the body on a stool (no tripod yet, but would love a recommendation if you have one) and fired off a few shots after messing with stuff like metering and exposure. Surprisingly enough, this was the first picture I took.

I’m going to be honest with you all: the past few pictures I’ve posted, aside from those with the It Came From the SD Card tag, were the result of pulling the shutter a few times. Same subject, just different settings. For example, the one you see above uses spot metering and multipoint autofocus whereas others used a single focus point on the lamp bulb itself. I like the look of the foreground sharpness here and how the railings are backlit. Am I cheating? Sorta, but I make the rules here and am still trying to figure out what works and how to best improve. It’s too much of a crapshoot to pull the shutter once and I don’t exactly learn anything when I do. So I’m going to limit myself to 12 shots (like a roll of film) and one subject. If I can’t get something I like by then, it probably wasn’t meant to be and I’ll just grab something from my archives instead.

Anywho, I did a little cropping and made some adjustments in Photoshop’s RAW editor, but that’s it. Total edit time was five minutes.

Also, don’t expect any pictures on the weekends unless I can figure something out with posting and processing photos from my iPad. I’m on my computer at least 50 hours a week for work and like to keep my weekends as far away from it as possible.



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