Knuckle Duster

As I write this, I’ve been (mostly) awake for 28 hours. I’m in Los Angeles for E3, and because I have a nasty habit of sleeping through alarms and have a hard time waking up before noon in general (third shift lyfe), the night before a flight I don’t sleep. By the grace of booze and now two cups of pretty killer iced coffee, I’m working from a cafe that a friend of mine waitresses at here in LA. It’s Fratelli Cafe in Hollywood and I can’t recommend this place enough.

The decor is super neat, upcycling old brass knuckles into light fixtures and drawer pulls, coffee pots for lamp reflectors, baguette trays and muffin tins for wall coverings and just has a really neat, rustic feel in general. This is one of the last days for me to relax and get my head straight/prepped for the week of madness to come. And even though the only sleep I’ve gotten in the past day has been a shallow nap on my connecting flight to LA, I’m starting to feel a little refreshed.

Maybe it’s the air, or, being surrounded by impossibly pretty people, but, to use a tired meme, my body is almost ready for the maelstrom of writing and news that’ll occur within the next 48 hours. We have a killer ground crew this year, with both show veterans and noobs, but I have the utmost confidence we’re going to crush it this year in ways we haven’t in the past. If you’re the geeky type, keep an eye on and @joystiq on Twitter for all the biggest stories from gaming’s grand gala.



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