Just Have Fun

I’m finally back from LA. Still decompressing, finishing up work from E3, and feeling kind of awful thanks to a latent case of nerd flu. Unlike other trips to LA, I used my camera to go exploring. This led me to walking all around Hollywood from my friend’s West Hollywood apartment. It wasn’t super glitzy, at least not the areas I was in. I saw the beginning of the Walk of Fame, walked down Sunset Blvd (it smells like weed and stale piss, non-stop) on an unintended, 2.5 mile excursion on foot last Saturday.

Thanks to me pairing not-tall-enough socks with exposed flesh and new shoes (not the Russell Westbrooks), I had blisters on my Achilles Heels in under a mile, flat. Wasn’t looking forward to doing that before the show started, but by Tuesday I was feeling fine, so long as I was wearing tall enough socks.

Exciting stuff, I know. Anyhow, this photo was taken from outside Melrose Avenue Elementary. I have no clue how far I was from the titular Place, but I dug the street art adorning the playground.



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