Steven Seagull (slideshow)

What do you do after seeing a movie about a lady being stranded on a rock, maybe 200 feet from the beach, with a massive Great White shark circling her? Head to the nearest large body of freshwater and thank God that the biggest thing you need to worry about is undertow.

I’m not a beach person. I don’t go lay out for hours on end with a trashy novel in tow to work on my tan. And, well, it’s kind of impossible for me to not feel like a creep, too. So I usually just go at dusk if I do make the trip. It’s much less crowded, the atmosphere is better and there are usually better photo opps.

These were taken last night at Pere Marquette park in Muskegon, Michigan and are the single largest photo set I’ve uploaded to date.

Oh! And they were taken with a new piece of gear: A Nikon 28-300mm zoom lens. A coworker also gave me some big advice about how to shoot in manual mode. I’m getting a better handle on shutter speed, but by far the biggest tip he gave me was regarding aperture and cranking it as far open as possible, depending on the subject and intent. That alone was they key to figuring out what I was doing wrong with so many portrait-style photos. Auto-focus points only do so much.

As always, to view the below slideshow at full resolution, two-finger click (or right click on Windows) and select “open image in new tab.”


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