Betrothed (slideshow)

Over the long weekend I went to a wedding for friends of a friend. It wasn’t the first wedding I’ve taken my camera to, but it’s the first one I’ve been to with my new lens. Some things turned out pretty well while others reminded me of how much I still have left to learn. For example, the shots I took of the head table where the bride and groom were sitting weren’t great because the focal points of the lens rested on the table arrangement sitting between them, causing their faces to be softer than I’d like. Or, the arrangement was in the groom’s face. So I’m publishing the handful of photos from our table instead.

What was neat to see was that one of the photographers hired to shoot the event was shooting with a Nikon D700 and, from the looks of it, my new lens. I just need to drop a few bucks on a charger for mine and get a CF card reader for my laptop and I’ll be good to go as far as shooting full frame.

Two-finger click and hit “open image in new tab” on Mac to see the photos at full resolution, or right-click if you’re using Windows.



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