One of the advantages of carrying my camera everywhere with me is that when the moment strikes, I have an awesome way of capturing it. Sure, my iPhone works for impromptu stuff, but there’s no way it could ever replace a DSLR.

This is a shot from my old stomping grounds at Briggs Park on the northeast side of Grand Rapids where I grew up. Was in the neighborhood house sitting for my parents last night and stopped to get some tacos from one of my favorite spots. Briggs is across the street from La Hausateca’s back parking lot and I was there at Golden Hour, Nikon at the ready.

This is the park where I played hide-and-go-seek tag with my elementary school friends. In high school, it was where I spent many summer days practicing drill for marching band. This field is where I saw a girl fall over because she locked her knees too long while standing at attention during band camp. There are plenty more memories here, but I just woke up and am still cleaning the cobwebs out, so they aren’t surfacing too quickly.

I struggled a little with the edit on this one. Having my ISO set to auto meant that it’s a little nosier than I’d like (you’ll see it if you open the image below at full resolution). What’s more, I wasn’t a big fan of the rainbow lens flare in the lower right. Tried a few ways of cloning it out in Photoshop, but it didn’t look natural whatsoever. So, as you can see, I left it in place. I think it works, though.

My favorite part of this photo? The way the bars from the fence stretch out into the foreground from their point of origin, and the setting sun.



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