Sunny Day Real Estate

This week I found out that one of the big things that’s been weighing on my mind isn’t a problem. Yesterday I talked with the property manager for my apartment building and learned that my rent wasn’t going to jump anywhere near as much as I’d expected. In fact, it’s only going to go up by $15 a month. I really wasn’t looking forward to moving, especially when there’s a possibility of me relocating out of state within the next year for work. The idea of packing up all the crap I’ve accumulated over the past three years, taking it to a new place only to possibly have to do it all again in the near future wasn’t appealing to me.

No, this isn’t my apartment, but it’s one of the houses in the historic district I live in. The area is known for its architecture and the ornate designs of its houses. I’d love to get a peek inside this one — especially this spire to see how the contractors handled its round walls.



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