Today marks the first birthday of this blog. I had no idea what it was going to be when I started. I just knew that I needed a place to publish my photos so my camera wouldn’t be a complete waste of money. I’m at 83 posts since last August (with this one being 84). But, I’ve deleted thousands of photos that didn’t turn out quite right, needed too much work to fix or were just plain bad. In the past trip around the sun I’ve learned a ton, both about myself and in terms of photography.

I discovered that taking a photo a day and trying to get the best shot in one push of the shutter is incredibly unrealistic. Hence the change in the site’s tagline, twice. I’m not planning to make a career out of it, but watching and seeing how my skills have developed over the past year has been a constant source of inspiration. It’s a form of therapy/relaxation for me, too.

I’ve finally settled on a layout that I like for the site, a posting format, a watermark and a workflow as well. I’ve started using Adobe Lightroom for 100 percent of my edits, and it’s absolutely changed the way I work. I’ve picked up some new gear along the way, too. I have a handful of lenses but I’m still primarily shooting my the same body, my Nikon D5300, with an eye toward buying a D700 or a D800 of my own.

This blog has given me much more confidence when it comes to shooting stuff for work. I have a decent handle on shooting in full manual now (for the most part) and trying crazy stuff like light painting and using a textured background or piece of fabric for a session of product shots isn’t out of the ordinary for me now.

What I keep coming back to is how much I really do enjoy photography. The picture here is meant to show the progress I’ve made in this past year. I walked a half a block down from my apartment, stood at the corner and tried taking the same photo of Stonecastle Dentistry like I did last August. Is it better? Is it worse? I’m going to go for the former. But ask me again in a year and I’ll probably give you a different answer.




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