Broken and Blue (slideshow)

The other week I did an extremely cliched Grand Rapids thing and took photos of the Varnum (nee Bridgewater Place) building, the fish ladder and the riverfront from downtown. Whatever. I’m really happy with how these turned out and had a hard time choosing the best ones for the gallery¬†below. I’m totally seeing the benefits of a full frame camera here. There’s a ridiculous amount of detail in places my D5300 would just fall apart, regardless of the glass I bolted on to it. So yeah, there are some¬†similar shots, but each one is actually different in terms of framing and composition.

As always, edits were made in Lightroom, but I kept them minimal, mostly just bringing out the cloud colors from the sunset more. Also, the old slideshow format is going away. I just was fiddling around with the media gallery options and saw that the tiled mosiac actually produces a different type of slideshow, and even includes EXIF data for photos. Plus, there’s a dedicated button for seeing images at full resolution. Hey, alright!


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