Benedict (slideshow)

I absolutely adore eggs benedict. I can make just about any breakfast item I want when the urge strikes. Aside from pancakes/waffles because I live alone and that’s a lot of batter to make. So, when I go out for breakfast (my first meal usually isn’t until 1-ish anyway so technically this isn’t brunch I’m just drinking while eating eggs) I always go for eggs benedict. The very idea of timing the English muffin, Canadian bacon, poaching two eggs and not breaking Hollandaise sauce — simultaneously — makes me anxious. But I’ll gladly let anyone else make it for me.

The weirdest version I had recently was Irish Benedict at the Real Food Cafe in Alger Heights here in Grand Rapids. It was house-made corned beef over english muffins with a bed of home fries and a pair of poached eggs. It was the heaviest Benedict I’ve ever had and immediately made me grateful that the rest of the day was spent walking.

My all time favorite non-standard though is crabcake Benedict. I first had it at an all night diner during a work event. Sitting down to breakfast at 10 am in an adjacent booth to where we were not five hours prior, after a night of celebrating with coworkers I get to see far too infrequently. Cherie Inn in Grand Rapids does an incredible crabcake Benedict as well with loads of fresh spinach, pine nuts, grilled peppers and mushrooms. It’s intense and amazing.

So no, I didn’t make eggs Benedict with the pre-chicks pictured here. Again, I’m a sucker for symmetry so seeing how the light caught the dozen brown eggs my immediate thought was to grab my camera.


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