Deaf Spouse (slideshow)

If you look hard enough or know the right people, finding the underground music scene in my hometown isn’t all that difficult. I spent some time at one of the venues last night (which will go unnamed for obvious reasons) and caught a bit of the pre-Halloween madness with a good friend of mine. There’s a skate ramp, graffiti everywhere and you can bring whatever you want inside to help you enjoy the show.

The times I’ve been here have only been for rap shows, so I’m not sure if anyone else plays here or not. Last night’s headliner was one of Danny Brown’s crew out of Detroit, but after three hours of standing, mostly without any live music, my fellow Scorpio Nate and I ducked out to explore the rest of the neighborhood by car and then copped a squat at a dive bar.

Shooting these was a giant pain in the ass. Because I was going handheld (next time I’m bringing a tripod), I was really limited giving the lighting conditions. The fastest I was able to set the shutter was between 1/30th of a second and my aperture was essentially locked at 1.8f. Some stuff turned out really well, but I threw away a ton of shaky and slightly out-of-focus pictures.


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