Remember, Remember (Slideshow)

This past Saturday I was faced with a decision: Either clean my apartment, work out or take advantage of it being mid-60s and sunny in November. I figured that the weather doesn’t need to be perfect for me to clean my apartment, so I killed two birds with one stone and went for a long walk, camera in hand.

What started as 50mm shots quickly turned into 28-300mm shots because I didn’t feel like carrying that heavy-ass lens in my pocket the entire time. Funny how that works. Again, I love my neighborhood. It’s rife with beautiful, ornate homes and people who actually care about keeping up their house’s appearance. Naturally, it helps that my ‘hood is a historic district.

Yep, there are lots of pictures of leaves, because, well, that was kind of the point of this photo walk. The hardest part of these were culling from 300-ish photos down to the 45 or so you see here. Two hours of walking resulted in about six hours of processing and editing.

While I complain all the time about movies using orange and blue/teal color grading, here I am bumping up blue and orange saturation in a handful of these. Kettle, pot, etc..


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