Sunny Murdock Sunday

I was cooped up in my apartment all weekend because I needed some time to just relax and not have any obligations. Plus, the weather has been kind of gross (read: gray, cold and rainy) lately, so I haven’t felt like venturing outside. That changed when the sun came out and the mercury rose to around 47 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday. There’s an entire set of photos from the walk I took with my very good friend Victor, but I wanted to break these out and show off some of the portraits I grabbed of him during our walk.

I’ve been experimenting with portraiture lately because it offers a different kind of challenge. Getting it right takes an entirely different skillset than just pointing my camera at, say, a wall of graffiti or a shoe that’s laying on the ground. For me, it’s all about capturing the emotion and personality of the moment. Obviously, you and the subject already being  really comfortable with each other makes hitting that goal a lot easier. I didn’t need to tell an awful joke to get him to smile, but I did anyway.

What I need to get more comfortable with, though, is editing the portrait shots. I have a few Lightroom adjustment presets I’ve made to draw someone’s eye to the face in the photo, but I’m still not sure how far to go with things like smoothing out pores or fixing blemishes. In my other photos I try to make sure they look as unprocessed and true to what I saw as possible, but I realize that portraiture is an entirely different beast and requires a different type of edit.

Those other photos will go up later in the week. Until then, enjoy Victor’s sunglasses and smirk.


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